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BLEACH S2 Layout --> Hirako Shinji "Masquerade"

Today I have for you guys... a Hirako Shinji layout! Hirako Shinji is from the animanga Bleach, and the lyrics on the header are from "Masquerade / Why So Silent" from Phantom of the Opera. ♥ ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU CREDIT stardust_alley IN YOUR USER INFO. ♥

S2 - Smooth Sailing
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My first fic - The Hollow Of Shinji Hirako

Hey there just joined, so heres my first fic ^_^

The Hollow Of Shinji Hirako - Part 1

Shinji of the Vizards, Urahara, Yoruici
Summary: Based long before the events of Bleach, the story follows Shinji Hirako from his days of soul society to his leadership of the Vizards, his growth personally and the birth of his follow, a Very long fic XD - Entirely fictional and should not be taken as actual events in Bleach
Warnings: Possible violence, alot of it
Rating: About a (15), due to violence and swearing, but may go up

The Hollow Of Shinji Hirako - Part 1
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So Shinji's not my fave but....

Hey all, thought I saunter on over and share my Shinji fic with you. He's not my fave (Dear God, those teeth!) but he is pretty cool and def worth writing about. The pairing was requested of me for Geofount through the Bleach Flashfic community. 

I hope you enjoy and concrit is absolute LOVE!!

Title: Afternoon Tea
Author: Saintalecto
Pairing: Shinji and Hyori
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or any of it's characters same old, same old
Abstract: Unspoken words and tea make for something sweet. Mostly dialogue.
Cross Posted: Bleach Flashfic

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Part III

Here goes the 3rd part of my IchixShin fanfic.

title: "Your smile"
rating: NC-17 (for this chapter PG-13)
pairing: IchigoxShinji, HichigoxShinji
summary: In this chapter Ichigo decides to show Shinji how much he cares about him.

Part III

Previous chapters:
Part I
Part II

Your smile - part II

I finished the second chapter of "Your smile". I hope you'll enjoy it. I like this pairing more and more, I wish they had more fans.

title: "Your smile"
rating: NC-17
pairing: IchigoxShinji, HichigoxShinji
warnings: rough sex, prostitution
summary: Ichigo can't stop thinking about the night with Shinji, but he doesn't know Hichigo wants some fun too.

Part II

Link to the previous chapter:
Part I

My thoughts

Ever wondered about Shinji's past? There was so little explained about the vaizards that it makes me sad. I wonder who had been Shinji before he became a vaizard. Probably a shinigami, a strong one, but how come there has been nothing mentioned about him so far? If vaizards were shinigami who used some forbidden technique they probably would have to hide like Urahara and Yoruichi. And I also wonder how old he can be. Any ideas?


OK, I decided to post it here so it won't look so empty, and to encourage others^^ The first chapter of my fanfic about Ichigo falling in love with Shinji (yes, I know, sounds weird). The second chapter should be up soon.

title: "Your Smile"
rating: NC-17
pairing: IchigoxShinji
summary: Ichigo discovers that Shinji works as a hooker, and what's more he's willing to 'give it' to Ichigo for free.

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Because there's no Hirako Shinji community (or at least I haven't found any), and he also needs some lovin' I decided to create this community. I think Shinji is a very underrated character, and there should be some more fanworks about him. So here we go. Post anything you like connected with this character.