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Permission Part 1

Author: OrangeFuu
Title: Permission
Characters: Aizen, Shinji
Rating: PG for suggestiveness
Warnings: takes place in Pendulum Arc
Word Count: 260
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters that appear.

Summary: Sousuke and Shinji prepare themselves for the struggle.

"Captain Hirako... are you sure this is okay?"

Shinji nodded, his long blonde hair brushing across his back. "It's fine. There's no rule against it."

Vice Captain Sousuke Aizen looked around, unsure if their current activity was even allowed within the strict rules of the Thirteen Squads. His anxiety rose with every passing second, and his heart began to pound in his chest. He wanted to stop; but he didn't want to disappoint his partner. "I'm not sure about this..."

"Calm down, will ya? I said there's no rule against this, so that means you can't get in trouble if we get caught. So, take a deep breath and concentrate."

Sousuke sighed. "Fine. But I won't like it."

Shinji grinned. "You will." He leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his companion's pouting lips. "Just let it happen."

Sousuke pulled on his black robe and gave a questioning stare. "Should I take this off?"


"I don't want to get my clothes all sweaty and wet. I have a feeling like this won't be very clean."

Shinji nodded, coupled with an even wider grin. "Well then, please disrobe... by all means."

Sousuke rolled his eyes. "I'm only taking the top layer off. Don't get too excited."

"Too late."

Sousuke tossed his black haori over to the side and readied himself. He was prepared for what was coming, no matter the pain he was about to feel. "Okay. Let's go."

Shinji sighed. "Finally! But before we continue this grueling tournament of rock-paper-scissors, do you want to remove any other clothing?"
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